Entrepreneurs 4 Climate was founded in January 2020 to bring together entrepreneurs of all kinds who accept that climate action is the most urgent and important issue right now.

Our aim is to support humanity’s transition to a low carbon future. We do this by considering all decisions through a climate lens. Each entrepreneur’s circumstances will differ but actions you could take include:

  • preferring new projects that are carbon neutral or negative
  • transitioning out of carbon positive projects
  • collaborating instead of competing with likeminded individuals and entities
  • putting climate action on the agenda in professional settings
  • championing climate action in your wider community

About the founder 

Entrepreneurs 4 Climate was founded by Alex Murray, an entrepreneur with more than 25 years experience across the spectrum of entrepreneurial endeavours working as a sole proprietor, founder and co-founder in companies that have crashed and burned, broken even and made a successful exit. Alex has a young family and with both kids now at school, she has decided to devote herself to climate action instead of sitting on the beach enjoying early retirement.

You can connect with Alex on LinkedIn or follow her rants about climate and politics on Twitter.